"We are capturing new guests, sometimes just as they move into our neighborhoods.  This has been a win/win for everyone involved.  We can't wait for the program to grow into all our markets."

~Bill Vezeau, Eddie Merlot's

 “The response has been very positive and we've already had guests come back again after trying our location for the first time.  Great promotion in my opinion.” 

- Chart House

"This offer is really killing it!"

~Christ Zalesiak, The Melting Pot

"How many diners came in our door?  A lot! We loved the quality of the photos and the finished product and the return for our restaurant."

~Joe Bennett, Bennett's Chop House

“The postcard design is dynamic and looks great.  We look forward to impressing the people who come in and turning them into lifelong customers.”

~Greg Nagmay, The Stockpot Broiler

"Landry's Seafood, Saltgrass Steakhouse, Downtown Aquarium, Chart House, Claim Jumper, Simms, Willie G's and The Rainforest Cafe have all benefited from this marketing!"

~Landry's, Inc.

"This is our 10th promotion with From Your Friends across 4 restaurant concepts. We saw more return on this solid promotion than almost any other we've done, with new customers coming in every night."

~Evan Wei-Haas, Justin Thomas Restaurants

“From Your Friends is a trusted and reliable partner to our restaurants – III Forks, Silver Fox, Cool River, Cantina Laredo and El Chico – in many markets. We gain loyal diners with every campaign.”

~Bill Watson, Consolidated Restaurant Operations

"We did our first promotion with From Your Friends in 2010 and say 'Yes' every time they invite us back!'

~Tom Miller, Steakhouse 100

"We just got the ROI back from the co-promotion and the stats were really great!  I’d way it was very successful.  We’re looking forward to promoting our two new restaurant concepts with you."

~Valerie Gaddis-Arellano, Concept Restaurants

"We are definitely ready to participate again.We love the fact that there is no upfront cost and it helps drive new traffic that haven't dined with us before."

~Chris Harris, 801 Restaurant Group

"We have seen a great return and many compliments on the piece itself.  We are thrilled we were able to participate in this promotion."

~Marcella Henson, J. Bookwalter


"The program went very well.  We saw numerous redemptions for both lunch and dinner.  We increased the top line sales with minimal impact to our discount line. I feel like this could be a regular promotion for the Axels brand."

~Derrick Kunes, Axels

“We’ve been working with From Your Friends for several years now and have found the partnership to be beneficial in of many of our markets. It’s an effective tool to reach new diners and a great supplement to our current marketing strategies. We continue to run campaigns in various markets and appreciate the low risk opportunity it provides for us.”

~Hannah Thompson, Texas de Brazil