Chad Rueffert

President & Co-Founder

Chad founded Braintree Marketing (the parent company of From Your Friends) in 2001 after a career as an executive for large and small advertising agencies,  in the marketing departments for two Fortune 500 conglomerates, and as the owner of a boutique real estate company. His marketing work has won numerous local, national and international awards.  Chad graduated from the University of Colorado at Boulder (Go Buffs!) with a Bachelor of Science in Advertising and a Bachelor of Arts in English. He is the author of more than 200 articles on sales, marketing, advertising and public relations and a sought-after speaker at marketing events across the country.  He is the author of zero articles on how to excel at golf.


Julie Antuzzi


Before co-creating From Your Friends in 2002, Julie Antuzzi enjoyed a successful career in non-profit event planning, fundraising, and mortgage lending.  Julie was honored as a finalist for the Chamber of Commerce Small Business Person of the Year and by being named to the board of directors for the American Women in Radio and Television (where she got to meet her idol, Barbara Walters).  She has also served as President of the Pikes Peak Advertising Federation and been awarded the "Achievers Under 40" award by the Colorado Springs Business Journal as well as being named one of Colorado Springs’ “Most Dynamic Women” by the University of Phoenix and the Colorado Springs Business Journal.  Julie trains business professionals all across the country on the benefits and best practices of relationship marketing.  Her favorite pastimes are TSA pat-downs and PowerPoint presentations.


Bill Lesniewski

Creative Director

Artist and illustrator, Bill's creative portfolio includes clients like Walt Disney, Universal Studios, Sea World, Six Flags, Coca-Cola, Hallmark, Hard Rock Café, Major League Baseball, Mc Donald’s, and on and on and on.  If we listed them all, you’d just think we were bragging.  He'll put his creative chops to work designing you a direct mail piece that will impress and persuade even the most jaded consumer. Bill combines strong conceptual skills with creativity and efficiency for any project, and even has a degree from the American Academy of Art to prove it.  Oh, and he has won lots of awards and knows how to use a Mac and how to Photoshop our headshots so we look younger and other cool stuff like that.


Janice Harris

Featured Partner Recruiter

Janice comes to From Your Friends with successful sales experience from companies like Living Social and  She is responsible for recruiting exciting and sought-after featured partners in numerous cities across the country.  The only reason we don't have a From Your Friends program in Las Vegas is that we don't want to facilitate her addiction to that city.  What happens in Vegas usually has something to do with Janice.


Brian Achey

Relationship Marketing Consultant

Brian's background includes U.S. Army tours in Iraq and Afghanistan prior to completing a Bachelor's Degree in Business from the University of Colorado.  He helped a variety of businesses in all categories implement advertising plans using broadcast and integrated marketing while at iHeart Media prior to joining From Your Friends.  Brian works with real estate agents all across the country to help them build referrals and repeat business.  His fascination for Super Heroes has led us to believe he might actually be Superman.  But since there are no more phone booths, he has nowhere to change into his tights and cape, so we'll never know.


D'Ann Dziuba

Featured Partner Recruiter

D'Ann joined From Your Friends in 2016 to help us recruit even better partners to feature on your postcards.  She brings strong sales experience from working with companies like Hewlett Packard.  She seems resigned to the fact that she has an apostrophe in her name which totally messes with email addresses and spelling her name on voicemail messages.  


Mike Hayes

Featured Partner Recruiter

Mike joins the Featured Partner Recruiting team with a background of 30+ years in advertising sales, helping businesses to succeed using online, newsprint, magazine and direct mail.   Mike enjoys exploring potential partner restaurants and attractions while traveling the country in his RV with his beautiful wife.   A piece of advice: never challenger Mike to a battle of wits to the death, because he has spent years building up an immunity to Iocane Powder.



Kathy Blush

Production Coordinator

Kathy manages the postcard copy writing, design and approval process with our featured partners and as if that didn't keep her busy enough, also oversees product fulfillment and shipping.  Before coming to From Your Friends she spent multiple years in corporate IT, which is why we bug her for help with databases and Excel all kinds of random computer issues. When not hounding featured partners for design approval, Kathy performs equine massage and she also works with her own, food-loving horse in a vain attempt to get the mare to work for more than 15 minutes at a time.


Sue Davis

Customer Service & Business Manager

Sue manages the From Your Friends customer service team ensuring every subscriber makes the most of their relationship marketing program.  With a degree in accounting and experience in sales, marketing and human resources, she also runs the day-to-day operations of our growing company, ensuring the bills, the employees and the IRS all get paid.  Sue's outside passions include running her custom cake bakery, training her Tibetan Mastiff service dog, and pounding the glass at Colorado Avalanche games.


Mary Beth Kelley

Customer Support Specialist

Mary Beth provides subscriber support in creating accounts, managing and uploading databases and creating personalized postcard layouts, plus answers thousands of other questions dreamed up by our real estate subscribers.  When will my postcards arrive?  What's next month's offer?  Can you tell me the Answer to the Ultimate Question of Life, the Universe and Everything?  And she does it all in a Georgia drawl that makes everyone think of peaches, pecans and peanut farmers.

Karen Henry

Marketing & Account Manager

Karen grew up in the Philly suburbs, and though she claims she's never been to Pat's or Geno's, she holds a firm belief that Cheez Whiz is not real cheese.  A cum laude graduate of The George Washington University, Karen has severed as a legal intern, government relations intern, and public relations assistant.  She traveled extensively and lived abroad in Italy during the two years before joining our team, bringing us a global mindset and some brotherly love at the same time!


Lucy Osterman

Production Coordinator

Lucy is a Colorado native who loves everything the state has to offer. She graduated Magna Cum Laude from Colorado Mesa University with a bachelor's degree in Marketing and Management. Following graduation she worked as a marketing coordinator for a real estate team before joining From Your Friends. In her spare time she loves playing with her crazy golden retriever puppy and hitting the slopes.  BTW - If one more person tells her she's got some 'splainen to do, there's gonna be trouble.



Shane Riter

Graphic Designer

Shane is an experienced graphic designer who recognizes the need for design to communicate clearly, establish trust, and strengthen relationships.  He majored in Graphic Design (and met his beautiful wife) at the University of Northern Colorado, and has worked with clients from minor league baseball teams to the locally-famous Manitou Incline. When he's not blowing your mind with his creativity, Shane can be found volunteering at the soup kitchen or the Special Olympics, or biking through Colorado trails and looking for adventure.


Rhys Rueffert


As our all-around Intern, Rhys has more job descriptions than the rest of the company combined. He assists each department, with a focus on creating a database of top-quality restaurants and venues for our featured partner recruiters and assisting in shipping, customer support, desktop tech support and web updates.  When not working, he's busy stuffing his mind full of engineering at the University of Colorado - Boulder. #skobuffs